Justine offers a number of different group POUND classes, each unique to the space and numbers for the booking.



Students love to do POUND. Hitting the Ripstix to the beat of awesome music seems to be something they really enjoy doing! Introduce your students to POUND by organising a class/session within your PDHPE syllabus, extracurricular activities, special events - for e.g. Intensive Dance Weekends or Boarders Weekends. 

And don't forget teachers love it too. How about booking a session to start off your Pupil Free Programming Days! Get your teachers moving and their brains engaged for a more productive and enjoyable day for all. 


  • Space Own venue
  • Bring your own mat or towel
  • Water
  • Wear something comfortable you can move in
The style of the workout catered for a range of fitness levels and it was such a great way to commence our professional development day.
— Deputy Principle, Hornsby Girls High


  • Space Own venue
  • Provide mats for student - one each
  • Encourage Students to have water bottle close by
  • Sports Uniform or clothes to exercise in
What an energetic, fulfilled fitness class! I had 60 students participate in PoundFit with Justine as an additional workshop on a Dance Intensive Weekend and they just loved the variety of strength, cardio, music and drumming. All students walked away smiling and sweating from 90 minutes of pure fun. The class was challenging but still manageable for all ages. What a great concept.
— Samantha Vincent, Dance Coordinator - PLC


  • Space Own venue
  • Water for children
  • Provide Justine with numbers prior to party
  • Deposit required
My 9 yr old daughter asked is she could have a POUND Birthday party for her 10th birthday next April!! She’s getting in early!