Created by two female drummers, the POUND- Rockout. Workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout. Anyone who thrives off the group fitness environment or needs loud music to stay motivated needs try this class.


Who can do POUND fitness classes?

Anyone can join in and work at your own level of fitness and within your own range of movement. Moves and positions can be modified to suit most user groups. Make sure to chat with Justine before the class to let her know if you have any issues which may affect your abilities to do everything in a class. 

If I have knee problems can I do POUND?

Within a POUND – Rockout. Workout, Class we will generally do around 500 lunges and squats. You can modify the depth of these to suit your body. If you have severe knee issues when bending this may not be for you however you can do most of the class either sitting on the floor, on a chair or in a wheelchair and still enjoy the benefits of a POUND session.

Can I do a POUND class if I have back pain?

Depending on the cause of your back pain and the advice you have been given by your medical professional you may still be able to join into a POUND class. You will need to use great form with your squats and lunges by keeping your core activated and your chest high and sitting back in your heels. Justine will demonstrate good form and bad form and continually cue you to use good form. Make sure you let Justine know before the class about any issues you may have. You have to engage and use your core muscles throughout a POUND class and this can actually lead to less back pain if a weak core is your issue.

What if I’m really uncoordinated?

No problem. Drumming has been scientifically proven to help change the neural pathways and potentially help you become more coordinated. If you can't follow all the set moves just do what you can and keep at it… it will become easier with regular attendance in classes and practise. You will be so focused on Justine that you won’t have time to look sideways to check if anyone else is struggling. Enjoy the class and hit those sticks together as often as you can.

What do I wear to a POUND class?

You can wear absolutely anything you feel comfortable in that allows you to move and stretch. We do get up a sweat so I recommend something cool or at least layers so that you will be comfortable throughout the class. 

Shoes are not essential. If you prefer to go barefoot that’s absolutely fine. It is low impact with very limited jumping  (and only if you want to). Just be aware that these classes are held in public halls. The instructor will clean the floor to the best of her ability and you can choose if you feel comfortable in that environment being barefoot.

How do I book and pay for POUND fitness classes?

It’s really easy. Your first class is only $5. 

Book Online :  HERE  

APP :  Download the Mindbody App on your device and search for POUNDFIT with Justine.  

Call : Contact Justine and have her book you in and pay her at the venue before the class.

Where and When are POUND classes held?

Please refer to the timetable under the TIMETABLE tab in this website. You will find information about times, venues and costs of classes.

Do classes run with the school terms?

No. Classes will run all year round with a couple of breaks which will be advertised. You can buy a 10 or 20 visit pass which are valid for 4 and 6 months respectively and you can come to any classes you want during those times. You do not have to come to consecutive classes. And it allows you to mix and match your classes depending on what’s going on in your schedule.